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Is there any greater feeling in golf than hitting a sweet drive down the middle of the fairway?  Stepping up to the tee on a par-4 or par-5 and seeing a nice, wide fairway in front of you brings such an adrenaline rush.  Now is the time to pull out your driver and let it rip.

Using the Driver in Golf

Hitting a great shot with the driver is one of the best moments in golf, but its not always easy.  Many beginner and amateur golfers struggle to control shots with the driver, so what can you do to give yourself the best chance of finding the fairway?

Ease Up A Bit

Firstly, do not try and swing the driver as hard as you can.  This is one of the major temptations when hitting a ball with the driver as you are trying to hit the ball a long way.  However, by swinging as hard as possible you will lose your technique, and if you fail to make a solid contact with the ball, you are likely to be in trouble.

Try taking a little bit of power off the swing and concentrate on hitting the ball in the sweet spot of the driver.  Chances are you will hit the ball both further and straighter doing this, than you did when trying to hit the cover off the ball.

Compete With Yourself

When playing with friends or in a competition, the temptation is to try and match or better the drive of an opponent.  You know how far you are capable of hitting the golf ball so why try and attempt the impossible?  Focus on your own game and get your ball in play rather than try and hit it further than your opponent, only to see your ball finish in a hazard.

Friends playing Golf

Trust Your Shot

If you practice with the driver at the driving range, it should become apparent which way you hit the ball.  Most golfers, even at professional level, turn the ball one way with the driver, so why should you try and master the driver to hit the ball both ways?  You are better off using the one you hit best, whether it be a cut or a draw, and sticking with it throughout a round.  It’s a shot you can trust and the last thing you want to do is try something different and see your ball land in trouble.

Choose Your Focus

When using the driver, pick a target you want to aim for, rather than just the middle of the fairway.  Pick something in the distance such as a tree or a building and aim for that, rather than hoping your ball lands in the middle of the fairway.  Doing this will help you focus on the shot and could improve the accuracy of your driving.


Focus while Golfing

Finally, do not be afraid to leave your driver in the bag.  Sometimes, however tempting it is, there is just too much trouble and not enough fairway to make using the driver worthwhile.  Know when to leave it in the bag and you will save shots.

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